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About KnetMiner

KnetMiner, with a silent "K" and standing for Knowledge Network Miner, is a web-app that makes biological knowledge discovery faster and fun. It helps scientists to search across large biological databases and literature to find links between genes, traits, diseases and many other information types. Experience it yourself and try out one of the free KnetMiner instances.

KnetMiner knowledge graphs

KnetMiner knowledge graphs are built using the open-source Ondex data integration platform and are available in different flavours such as RDF and Neo4j. Our IP is our expertise and our pipelines for building KnetMiner knowledge graphs which we are excited to offer as a service to commercial customers.

Searching knowledge graphs

KnetMiner performs over 70 graph queries of varying depths to find paths between genes and evidence nodes. It uses KnetMaps.js to visualise most relevant paths and allows users to gradually expand their knowledge. KnetMiner knowledge graphs can also be searched programmatically through web APIs, Cypher and SPARQL endpoints.

Deploy KnetMiner in the cloud

KnetMiner can be deployed in the AWS Cloud using Docker. KnetMiner is also available as an App in the Genestack platform. The KnetMiner-Genestack App allows users to integrate their own private data into the knowledge graph. For more information, read our press release and request the KnetMiner-Genestack eBook.

KnetMiner Gene Rank

Our Gene Rank algorithm considers the specificity, connectivity and distance of each piece of evidence. The ranking is very fast because it uses a pre-build graph index. Ranking genes is not easy, so KnetMiner allows users to refine the results using their own domain expertise and assumptions.

Working with us

Get in touch if you need help, or would like to request a feature, or would like to contribute to one of our open-source projects. KnetMiner is used by thousands of users around the world from academia to industry. We can work with you to build bespoke knowledge graphs for your species of interest.