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KnetMiner Citation

Hassani-Pak, K., Singh, A., Brandizi, M., Hearnshaw, J., Parsons, J. D., Amberkar, S., Phillips, A. L., Doonan, J. H.and Rawlings, C. (2021) KnetMiner: a comprehensive approach for supporting evidence-based gene discovery and complex trait analysis across species. Plant Biotechnol. J. https://doi.org/10.1111/pbi.13583

16 November 2021

KnetMiner 5.0: richer, faster, smarter

The new KnetMiner 5.0 comes with enhancements, speed improvements and new free/pro features. Powerful search queries T...

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07 August 2020

The power of standardised and FAIR knowledge graphs

FAIR knowledge graphs are a gold mine for AI. This article will explain why and provide examples how the knowledge graph...

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